How Can Community Safety Be Created?

Restorative Justice Week is coming up during the third week of November – and gives Canadians a chance to learn more about the restorative approach to crime, community safety and conflict.

Here on Salt Spring, the Restorative Justice Group has been running for over 20 years – and offers a community-based alternative to the justice system and to resolving conflicts.

Run by trained volunteers, the program has supported hundreds of people to repair the harm they have created and make amends to people and relationships. This helps to build a safer and more respectful community and keeps cases out of the courts at the same time.

The program also helps neighbours and others resolve conflicts.

As part of Restorative Justice Week, the local program will host two community talking circles on the topic of “community safety”.

In light of the upcoming CRD counter-petition process that proposes to create a new community safety service, restorative justice asks the question: “What does safety mean, and what are the best ways to create safety for everyone?”

There are a variety of thoughts and feelings on this topic, and the circle format is a good way to listen and learn respectfully to a variety of responses. It’s also a good chance to learn about this issue to be ready to vote in the counter-petition process.

Everyone is welcome to join these open circles on either Sat. Nov, 16 (3 pm – 5 pm) or Thurs, Nov 21 (7 pm – 9 pm) in the Library Program room.

For more information, please contact Darlene Gage at