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RCMP screens for suitability and refers a case to Restorative Justice

The RJ Coordinator puts together a case team of three volunteers. Two are co-facilitators and the third is a mentor for the offender

The case team meets to discuss the case

The case team meets with each of the Offender, Victim and the community representative

The team brings everyone together for a 'dialogue conference'  

Everyone talks about the circumstances with each other - share what happened, why it happened, how the crime affected them and what needs to happen to make things right. It allows them to ask questions & have their say

Everyone participates in developing an 'agreement' by consensus that everybody  agrees on.

The person who caused the harm completes the terms of the agreement within the time frame agreed upon thereby fulfilling their obligations to those they harmed and to the community During the period when the RP is completing the agreement, we update the person affected by the harm. No criminal record will remain with the person who caused harm.


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